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The Lightbox 28th October 2021

The Lightbox venue logo

A chance to develop imagination and creativity in this stop-motion animation workshop for Young Creatives.

Panda Problems

by Amy and Lily

The River Spirit

by Melisa C., Bonnie H., and Vera C.

Music – Fantastic World by WinnieTheMoog

Star Wars vs Pumpkins

by Sam and Tom T.

Music – Star Wars Theme by John Williams

Cats Play

by Vera C.

Tomb Raider and the Golden Pumpkin

by Eric B.T. and Barnaby C.

Talking Pumpkin

Jamie’s demonstration using cut paper mouth shapes on a painted pumpkin:

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Summer 2018 at Cobbett Hub & Library

Cobbett Hub & Library Southampton UK animation workshops venueAnimate your Lego or bring Plasticine characters to life at our Animation Club!
Saturday afternoon animation sessions continue at Cobbett Hub and Library, Southampton SO18 1HL.

Every Saturday from the 4th of August 2018 until 22nd September 2018 from 1 pm to 4 pm. See some animations created during previous sessions

Read a (kind) review of a session here

Animation from Saturday 22nd Sept 2018

Animation by Kelda, 5 years old:

Animation from Saturday 15th Sept 2018

Claymation by William:

Lego Brickfilm stop-motion by Henry:

Animation from Saturday 25th August 2018

Claymation by Henry:

Stopmotion by William:

Animation from Saturday 18th August 2018

Lego stop-motion by Reuben and Corben:

Animation from Saturday 4th August 2018

A first experimental stop-motion by ‘Dora’:

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Animation at Cobbett Hub & Library

Cobbett Hub & Library Southampton UK animation workshops venueAnimations created during our sessions at Cobbett Hub and Library, Southampton between May and July 2018.


Your animations from Saturday 14th July 2018

Here is Zach’s animation of “Starlord” reporting…

Your animations from Saturday 23rd June 2018

Glad to hear your animation was such a success at your Year 2 show-and-tell Zach!

Your animations from Saturday 9th June 2018

Thank you Edward, Corben and Kelda…
We are adding titles and sound to the rest of your animations and then we will present them here:

Your animations from Saturday 2nd June 2018

Well done Alex, Edward, Corben and Kelda…

Your animations from Saturday 26th May 2018

Thank you to Alex, Edward, Sue, Hetty and Kelda for your enthusiasm and creativity!

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QEF 2016: Lost World of the Dinosaurs

In our two sessions on Thursdays 26th of May and 23rd of June 2016, the residents and staff at QEF Dorincourt have created animations bringing back to life the Lost World of the Dinosaurs.


Dino Destroyer

By Mark, Ellie, Alex S, Ashleigh, James, Richard & Asad


By Mark, Alex T, Ashleigh, Ben R, Phoebe, Shantelle & Matt

Braveheart Village

By Dean, Wendy, Alison, Ossi, Andrea, Rebecca, Sarah, Jordan, Emma, Kat & Coco

Braveheart Village pt 2

By Dean, Ellie, Jordan, Rebecca, Wendy, Liam, Hanife & Alison


By Sophie, Leonore, Diane, Jonathan, Asad, Grant & Matt J


By Leonore, Sean, Matt J, Roz, Bobby, Sophie, Jack & Shantelle

Rolling Egg

By Bobby, Matthew, Sophie & Jack

Egg Thieves

By Beth, Hannah, Milan, Alex T, Emilia, Camilla & Aidan

Egg Hunt

By Emilia, Camilla, Hannah, Milan, Alex S, James, Hanife & Roland


Titles and Sound by Jamie Gibbs at

Music by Kevin MacLeod – “Nonstop”

used with permission via Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0

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QEF 2015: Under the Sea + Space

Treasure Beneath the Waves     19th March 2015

Models and animation created by the staff and clients at QEF.

Scene 1: Ship crushed by Kraken – Sofi & Emi
Scene 2: Swordfish – Mark, Matt, Ellie, Bobby, Dean, Ben & Roland
Scene 3: Crab Loses Eyes – Mark, Bobby, Ben & Dean
Scene 4: Chest Longshot – Jack, Roz and Aidan
Scene 5: Wendy’s Animation – Wendy & Anita
Scene 6: Jellyfish Captures Diver – Sophie, Phoebe, Alex, Jordan & Milan

Titles and Sound – Jed
Music I Crush Everything (demo) by JoCo – Jonathan Coulton –

used with permission via Creative Commons by-nc

Random     19th March 2015

Created by Matt, Mark, Emily and Dean during the March my-animation session at QEF.

A Close Shave     14th May 2015

Space animation by Alex, Beth, Hannah, Jack, James, Leonore, Milan, Sophie and Susie.

Alien Attack     14th May 2015

Animation created by Alison, Bobby, Dean, Jordan, Lien, Rickie, Sofi and Wendy.

Snacks in Space     14th May 2015

Created by Aidan, Alex, Anthony, Duncan and Sara.

Space Brothers     14th May 2015

By Andy, Anita, Emily, Ashleigh, Grant, Phoebe, Rebecca, Rick, Roland and Roz

Demo – Space Invaders     14th May 2015

The animation that Jamie Gibbs created to demonstrate the process of stop-motion animation using Boinx iStopmotion. See for more of Jamie’s animations.

These animations are also on YouTube as a playlist on the jednetuk channel.

Titles and sound effects on all space animations by Jamie Gibbs.

Music on space animations

Random: Go Cart – Drop Mix

Snacks in Space: Misuse

Alien Attack: Enter the Maze

all by Kevin MacLeod at
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Great Oaks

Wednesday 17th December 2014

At Great Oaks School, Southampton
in partnership with

The Lego Movie Ad by Bailey

Bailey created this version of the trailer for The Lego Movie DVD release. As well as the voices – done first take – he did all the animation in Boinx iStopmotion, almost all the editing in Final Cut Pro X and typed all the Stars Wars styled text at the beginning.

While he enjoyed himself, Bailey was a bit concerned because he was missing ICT. We think THIS is ICT in action and Bailey is a star at it. Bailey’s animation is also on YouTube on the jednetuk channel at