Free Textures

Poly Haven

Poly Haven logo and link

This ‘Public 3D Asset Library’ provides great free Creative Commons textures in up to 4k resolution. Especially good medieval offerings with superb cobbles, bricks, tiles and stone. Funded by Epic and patreon to keep the content free.

GR Sites

GR Sites provide free textures, buttons and fonts

Wide range of texture tiles perfect for retro and 8-bit style games and animations with a system to customise the colours to match your needs. Button maker and fonts too. The site hasn’t changed in 15 years.

Abaroth’s World

Clever random brick, stone and tile generator


logo for Polligon textures

Includes some free textures and opinions on AI


Blender 3D logo       Texture Ninja logo

lots of free content including photographs, textures and decals to add rust etc.


More free textures from this post