Unity Web GL

Building a WebGL version of your Unity game to get it online for PCs and Macs – great for feedback and your portfolio.

The example used is just 10MB including the sounds, models, and textures. This work in progress is an exploration of sound in Unity and also the conversion of 3D stereolithography .stl files used for 3D printing into simplified .obj files to use in the Unity game engine.

This pre-viz for a stop-motion project for http://www.imps.tv can be seen at http://jednet.co.uk/ImpsEgypt5/


https://unity3d.com/get-unity/downloa… for older versions

http://www.meshlab.net for a free conversion tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

https://support.shapeways.com/hc/en-u… Model .stl files bought from https://hobgoblin3d.com/product/phara… Recorded using Panopto, set (in the advanced settings) to save separate .mp4 files for webcam and screen capture so that it could be edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.


‘.stl’ was originally short for ‘stereolithography’ and is a file format native to the CAD software created by 3D Systems. STL has several backronyms such as “Standard Triangle Language” and “Standard Tessellation Language” (says Wikipedia). Some versions of Maya have issues saving as .stl and you might have to port your file across to 3ds Max to output.

Music: “Solid State” & “Don’t Feed the Trolls” by Jonathan Coulton aka ‘JoCo’ https://www.jonathancoulton.com used under Creative Commons: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…

Voice of Anubis by Jed, slowed down a little and with reverb added – the free Audacity is great for this, though I might have used Adobe Audition this time…

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