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QEF 2015: Under the Sea + Space

Treasure Beneath the Waves     19th March 2015

Models and animation created by the staff and clients at QEF.

Scene 1: Ship crushed by Kraken – Sofi & Emi
Scene 2: Swordfish – Mark, Matt, Ellie, Bobby, Dean, Ben & Roland
Scene 3: Crab Loses Eyes – Mark, Bobby, Ben & Dean
Scene 4: Chest Longshot – Jack, Roz and Aidan
Scene 5: Wendy’s Animation – Wendy & Anita
Scene 6: Jellyfish Captures Diver – Sophie, Phoebe, Alex, Jordan & Milan

Titles and Sound – Jed
Music I Crush Everything (demo) by JoCo – Jonathan Coulton –

used with permission via Creative Commons by-nc

Random     19th March 2015

Created by Matt, Mark, Emily and Dean during the March my-animation session at QEF.

A Close Shave     14th May 2015

Space animation by Alex, Beth, Hannah, Jack, James, Leonore, Milan, Sophie and Susie.

Alien Attack     14th May 2015

Animation created by Alison, Bobby, Dean, Jordan, Lien, Rickie, Sofi and Wendy.

Snacks in Space     14th May 2015

Created by Aidan, Alex, Anthony, Duncan and Sara.

Space Brothers     14th May 2015

By Andy, Anita, Emily, Ashleigh, Grant, Phoebe, Rebecca, Rick, Roland and Roz

Demo – Space Invaders     14th May 2015

The animation that Jamie Gibbs created to demonstrate the process of stop-motion animation using Boinx iStopmotion. See for more of Jamie’s animations.

These animations are also on YouTube as a playlist on the jednetuk channel.

Titles and sound effects on all space animations by Jamie Gibbs.

Music on space animations

Random: Go Cart – Drop Mix

Snacks in Space: Misuse

Alien Attack: Enter the Maze

all by Kevin MacLeod at
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0