Creating a bottle

Set up project folder, put images into scene assets/images

Draw a plane from the front view

M to bring up Mapping, choose Scanline General and pull out to the left from Diffuse

Remember to remove the tick from Show Frozen in Grey

Choose the Circle overlapping with a Square symbol and choose Line:

Draw a spline over the frozen image on the plane. Right Click to end the line.

Modify> Lathe and choose the correct axis

Right-Click on Editable Mesh and make it a Poly,

choose Border, click on an edge of the top (or bottom) and Cap:

Use f3 and f4 to display or hide the shading and mesh lines:


Unwrap, Point to Point seams

Tools>Render UVW template as a .png format to take into Photoshop.

Select Object then Viewport Canvas

Use Brush or Clone Tool. Paints onto the current material .png file