MoCo – Motion Control and rigs

Motion control is the use of an app or computer to control the movements of the camera (and sometimes items on the set or lighting). Stop-motion can be incredibly painstaking. It is important to get things right first time as most of our work cannot be tinkered around with, in the way that CGI productions can make small changes and re-render. MoCo can help by allowing you to test the speed and repeat at least the camera movements of a shot until you are happy.

Professional animation software such as Dragonframe has the ability to control the camera and compatible sliders, jibs, panning and tilting heads and focus control. Solutions can be bought ‘off-the-shelf’ or built up using components such as motors and servos and a programming language such as Arduino.

Here are some manufacturers whose products are compatible with Dragonframe:

premium quality + apps: StopMo Module
slightly cheaper perhaps than Edelkrone
More of a DIY approach?