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QEF 2016: Lost World of the Dinosaurs

In our two sessions on Thursdays 26th of May and 23rd of June 2016, the residents and staff at QEF Dorincourt have created animations bringing back to life the Lost World of the Dinosaurs.


Dino Destroyer

By Mark, Ellie, Alex S, Ashleigh, James, Richard & Asad


By Mark, Alex T, Ashleigh, Ben R, Phoebe, Shantelle & Matt

Braveheart Village

By Dean, Wendy, Alison, Ossi, Andrea, Rebecca, Sarah, Jordan, Emma, Kat & Coco

Braveheart Village pt 2

By Dean, Ellie, Jordan, Rebecca, Wendy, Liam, Hanife & Alison


By Sophie, Leonore, Diane, Jonathan, Asad, Grant & Matt J


By Leonore, Sean, Matt J, Roz, Bobby, Sophie, Jack & Shantelle

Rolling Egg

By Bobby, Matthew, Sophie & Jack

Egg Thieves

By Beth, Hannah, Milan, Alex T, Emilia, Camilla & Aidan

Egg Hunt

By Emilia, Camilla, Hannah, Milan, Alex S, James, Hanife & Roland


Titles and Sound by Jamie Gibbs at

Music by Kevin MacLeod – “Nonstop”

used with permission via Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0