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The ‘Flash’ name was so tarnished by issues with the Flash player and lack of support for .swf on mobile devices that Adobe rebranded Flash as Animate CC in 2016 to emphasise that the app can output for Websites without needing a plug-in, using HTML5 (this also saw the end of Adobe Edge Animate and ‘Edge’ products have been discontinued and their features absorbed into other Adobe CC packages.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 04.34.50

Much of the interface remains the same – is it time to come back to an application that was once so popular or can you recommend a better alternative?

Aaron Blaise - I don't have any shoesWhen we animate in 2D we often use Photoshop’s timeline + After Effects; Anime Studio; the new animation options in Manga Studio/ClipStudio Paint; industry favourite ToonBoom; and we are mighty impressed with the work of Aaron Blaise who champions TVPaint

To help find the perfect 2D software for the next project here’s one set of reviews (from 2014) 2d-animation-software-review and a more complete list of 2D software from Wikipedia