Music + Sound fx

We have an extensive sound effects library to enhance your animations with everything from lasers and explosions to ambient background sounds and music.

We also have a broadcast quality microphone, mixing desks and software such as Adobe Soundbooth and the free Audacity.

Our first stop for free music is Kevin Macleod’s

also try (requires Google sign-in)

For sound effects online try: (requires Google sign-in)
The StopMotionPro Web site offers a nice collection of sounds as a free download and require free registration to download.

The BBC has released 16,000+ free effects (not for commercial use unless you license them):

Recording of sound effects is known as ‘Foley’ after Jack Foley, pioneering sound fx artist for 33 years. Foley created the first sounds for Show Boat in 1927 as the ‘talkies’ took over from silent films.  His last foley job was on Spartacus in 1960: Director Stanley Kubrick wanted to reshoot the Roman army marching to battle because the location sound was poor. Foley jangled a large ring of keys in sync to the marching to create the rhythmic “ching” of the armour, saving the expense of a two-day reshoot with hundreds of extras.