Dipdap app - review

Dipdap app - review

Having small children is a pleasure and an education in and of itself.


However, it also presents the difficult matter of children’s television programming.  Which, if I’m honest has forced me to sit through interminable hours of dross with squeaky voiced adults baby-talking for the ludicrously coloured vaguely animal-ish shaped characters my children somehow form instant and irreplaceable bonds with.


This is a problem.


I have solved this by refusing to allow them to watch live programming and by allowing them to choose only between whichever pair of options is least painful to me on the BBC iPlayer.


I am therefore, ridiculously excited whenever “Dipdap” episodes appear all too infrequently.  The gentle pacing, humorous storylines and lack of vocal acting aimed towards controlling the bat population of the UK are a joyous oasis for me.  The animation is (for once) truly worthy of being called a cartoon while still retaining plenty of life and relatability for my own little people, while the obstacles “the line” throws at Dipdap are biblical in proportion and yet always overcome with panache by our cute little hero.


Come Christmas time, and an iTunes voucher gift, I scoured the App Store for something both kids (ages 4 and 2) could enjoy with their screen time allowance.  Imagine my glee when I came across the Dipdap app, which has proved itself still very much in demand some 7 months later.


There are two main parts to the app.  Selection one takes you to some new episodes, which are first watched, and then the option to draw your own version of selected items appears.  As of this review, my kids have found the outline guides too restrictive and have merely covered the screen in scribbles of varying shades, which are then replaced into the storyline and animated.  To my kids this is hilarious!!


Selection two is a very basic drawing program consisting of a randomly generated colour background and selection of paint colours for fingerpaint drawing.  Younger Kid especially loves this, and will request “drorwing” at every opportunity.


At only £2.29, this has had a long replay time for my kids, and I enjoyed watching the new episodes on first viewing.  I also enjoy how free they are to create within this app and hope that this first step in animation creation leads to a lifetime of artistry and storytelling.


I whole heartedly recommend this app for ages 2-4, but feel that for older kids it is too restrictive for long engagement.

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