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Dino Fest 2015 at SeaCity Museum

Dino Fest 2015:

As responsible parents, Jed and myself are honour bound to instill in our offspring (OK and YK) some of the deep passions of our own childhood/s. So, they WILL be exposed to Tintin, Starwars, Harryhausen, Disney, and the Muppets. Also, cream apple turnovers, authentic s’mores (the ones using Graham crackers and Hershey bars!), climbing trees, garden firework displays, sailing and dinosaurs.

When our local SeaCity museum announced a dinosaur exhibition we knew it was a must do for the summer bucket list. Looking further into the promotional material revealed that the Natural History Museum was partnering with a range of local attractions to present Dino Fest 2015 which, given the esteem with which we regard the Natural History Museum increased our anticipation.

We were not disappointed. While humble in scale due to the size constraints of the building, we were presented with three animatronic Triceratops, a T-Rex and a fish eating Baryonix with appropriate roaring sounds and fluid movements. OK was enraptured at the approximately 1/2 scale robotics while YK’s fascination kept her hovering just out of sight of T-Rex so as to peek at it from a safe distance and around the corner.

For myself the gorgeous animation work on display to explain the recent advances in pterosaur flight research was a show stopper, and I wished that YK’s excitement at playig peek-a-boo with a T-Rex and OK’s racing from lego display to fossil dig were reduced enough to allow me to put on the headphones and listen to the audio. As it was, I watched the jump/flight cycle multiple times and marvelled.

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