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2nd August 2013
Verwood, Dorset

Alien Mutation by Knight & Kira

Cat gets Loose by Shanine & Luke

A Disasterous Road Trip by Macey

Friends by Payge, Macey, Ruby & Archie

Alien Magic by Amy and Alishia

Treasure Hunt by Jasmin, Sasha & Sydney

Dinosaurs vs Monsters by Nicola, Kimberley & Levi

Rocket 2 by Brendan (see Thursday for Rocket 1)

Sting & Snap by Alex

Pet Shop by Shanine & Kimberley

Mental Mermaid by Aby and Shannon

Monster Hill by Sam

Under the Sea by Jasmin

Play Day by Kimberley

Scary Dream by Millie

Scary Dream mk2 by Millie

The Rabbit and the Alien by Flossie

Your animations are also on YouTube on the jednetuk channel.

Best wishes, Jed, Dawn & Jamie.

> Thursday 1st August 2013 at Heatherlands

> Wednesday 20th Feb 2013 at Heatherlands

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