Drawing storyboards helps filmmakers to plan what will be needed once filming starts, important for animation or live action. This unusual widescreen storyboard template includes a ‘top-down’ view. We find it prompts us to think in 3 dimensions, suggesting character or camera moves.

Storyboard with top view
The camera view is represented by a triangle, and in this Star Wars Troopers fan movie example, you can see that there are a couple of stormtroopers and an addition Jawa just out of shot. Perhaps one or more will run into the scene, or the camera could pan right to show them, or dolly/zoom out to a wider shot to include all of the protagonists… (Conventional storyboard templates can lead to a kind of flat ‘Punch and Judy’ approach with characters simply arriving and leaving on the left or right edges).

Simple storyboard template (6 up)

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