Animate CC

Previously called Flash (and still saving with a .fla extension), Adobe Animate CC now exports to different file formats to avoid the need for the Flash player plug-in, which was buggy, battery hungry, exploited by malware such as Flashback and not available on iPads or iPhones.

Animating a stickman:

Using shape tweens to morph one (or more) shapes into another.

Using layers to control what changes.

Using Modify>Break apart twice on text to convert it into a shape that can tweened to create titling effects.

Rendering the melee weapon out of 3ds Max as a 24bit .png and dragging into Animate CC to use with a stickman fight animation.


Exporting as .oam (OpenAjax Metadata) creates a zip file of the animation widget which can be inserted into a Web site using Dreamweaver or added to a WordPress site using

(You can also change the extension to .zip to open the folder and edit something in the xml file or copy an asset).