We often use Boinx iStopmotion for workshops (it’s quick, fun and good value at $49.99 US). It allows HD (High Definition 1920×1080 pixels resolution) via firewire video or DSLR cameras with live feed through USB and even higher resolutions via DSLR (available for Mac only).

The pro alternative we offer is Dragonframe (Mac & Windows $295 US). The choice of Aardman and Laika for feature films such as Wallace & Gromit, Kubo, Paranorman and Coraline. In addition to saving images at the highest possible resolution of the camera it provides extra cinematography tools and can even control lighting, motion control and 3D stereoscopic sliders. A nice feature is that there is no need to ‘save’ as the images are saved individually on your drive as you work, so there is little risk of losing them.

Jed used Dragonframe for this pitch for an ad for Blutack – this was all shot in a day, though the models and storyboards took weeks of preparation before that:

For post-production adding of sound effects and titles, we use Adobe Premiere Pro CC; After Effects CC or iMovie. We use Adobe Audition or Audacity to record and edit sound.

Free Software!

MonkeyJam is looking dated with no updates since 2011, but is a long-time favourite with schools and colleges. It is most often associated with scanning in stacks of pencil sketches to see how they look animated. It can also be pressed into play for stop-motion animation but lacks ‘onion-skinning’. (Windows only)