3D Character Generation

Autodesk® Character Generator

Basic generator creating free human figures for use in 3DS Max, Maya, Unity or a generic .fbx file. There is a fee (5 cloud credits) for premium characters or if you want high poly count, facial blends and/or bones. Student accounts should be able to ignore any fees.

Official help files and documentation

Create an Autodesk account, sign in to your account, and then sign in to the Character Generator Web Service, all from here: http://charactergenerator.autodesk.com.

If you are a student and want to get access to the Character Generator paid offerings for free: Create an Autodesk Student account, sign in to your account, get a Serial Number and the Product Key for Character Generator, and “download” Character Generator, all from here: http://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software.

Step-by-step instructions on getting access to Character Generator: To Create an Autodesk Student Account and Access the Character Generator Benefit.

Once you have downloaded your files, you need to expand the zipped file. Then drag the .fbx file to an open perspective viewport, preferably in a new 3ds Max file. Then from the Scripts menu choose ‘Run Script’ and choose the script that downloaded with your figure.

Adobe Fuse CC (beta)

Only available as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Called Mixamo before Adobe bought and renamed it, Fuse is similar to Autodesk® Character Generator. Mixamo was a popular way to create basic human characters for games, but Adobe is thought to be repositioning it to create 3D characters to composite into Photoshop.


Poser logo

Commercial 3D character animation software, famously used for Roosterteeth’s anime RWBY.


Free 3D character animation software, with an extensive library of over 20,000 additional figures, costumes and props to download at a small cost. Also available from daz3d.com is Hexagon, a compatible free 3D modelling program.


Golaem is a crowd and flocking generator for Maya and Unreal, with a free PLE (Personal Learning Edition)http://golaem.com/content/product/golaem-features#animation

Flipbook Market

At Flipbook Market you can buy animation data for Daz Studio, 3ds Max, Motion Builder and Maya. Characters and props shown in promo pictures and videos are not included unless specified by the author