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2D animation can range from hand drawn and scanned images through to stylised vector Flash animation such as

fun film parodies in 30 seconds by bunnies

created the video for JCB song

jcb video

You can create just a few elements or a whole website (such as Immersive Garden) in Flash, with multi-media interactivity which is supported cross platform. Many major sites such as Disney use Flash extensively.

It’s usually not a good idea for online stores (with the exception of this wonderful Dutch parody at Hema) since most mobile devices (phones, iPods, iPads and the like) cannot access Flash and indeed even Android is discontinuing support.

Adobe claims up to 99% of computer browsers are Flash enabled – though some surveys put this lower. Note that some Internet TVs, games consoles and Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads along with some other smart phones do not currently support Flash – showing just ‘plug-in not available’ (Flash video can be now viewed as streaming HTML5 via the Skyfire app). Adobe is demonstrating a Flash to HTML5 converter but that will not help existing content.

It is not a good idea to use Flash for your introductions to your index page and all navigation elements without providing an alternative system for those who lack Flash. Also note that while support for Flash is strong installation of the latest version of the plug-in often lags so try to save straightforward Flash work as backwards compatible where possible to increase your potential audience. Newer features such as enhanced video support require newer versions, so test thoroughly.

Flash can use vectors to create fast loading images which can be scaled (without bitmap ‘jaggies’) to match the user’s browser window size. Flash can also render text in your original and perhaps unusual typeface by including the font outlines as vectors, but this prevents the text from being read by a search engine.



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