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Games Design at Level 2

Example of pre-recorded video, with logos etc. overlaid in post-production in Adobe Premiere. It is time-consuming so I am testing as a way to make Teams presentations have better production values such as lower-thirds, logos and multiple inputs simultaneously in the style of this video:

Most of my recent material is currently on Google Classroom but I will port it across to your VLE of choice, such as OneNote/Moodle/Blackboard/Google Classroom

Dreamworks pipeline video, explaining some of the many roles involved in creating an animation – games design needs all of these plus coding and the creation of challenges:

Create an account at and work through the C# (C ‘Sharp’) module. C# is the programming language for the Unity Game Engine. Some knowledge will help you to have more control over the games you create and having the certificate in your LinkedIn profile will increase your chances to be offered a place on a Level 3 course or to get a job.