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animation clips

Here are some of Jed’s favourite animation links and clips from Vimeo and YouTube

Creating Flipbooks, Zoetropes and PraxinoscopesMore examples at

Planning your stopmotion using storyboardsexamples


Kraak & Smaak from WEAREWILL on Vimeo.


Moray McLaren – We Got Time from Blink on Vimeo.


Moray McLaren – We Got Time “Making Of” from Blink on Vimeo.


Creating Plasticine puppets

To reduce the risk that your characters fall over it is a good idea to keep them fairly squat, or even to animate them lying down… as though you are filming them from the side while actually filming from above. You may need to build them around a twisted wire armature.

Cut Paper as an animation technique

If you lack confidence in your ability to draw or sculpt characters then you might want to try the system popularised by Terry Giliam while working with Monty Python.

Music videos on YouTube and Vimeo

Gotye commissions videos for his music in a wide range of styles including stop-motion and drawn. You can see them at their highest quality on his Vimeo channel.

While you should always put your own work up on Get a free YouTube account since many people just find videos while there, the quality at Get a free Vimeo account is higher and so it is worth getting a free account and uploading to Vimeo as well and there are many film-makers’ groups to join.

Check out the mash-up Gotye has edited together fom fan videos for his hit Somebody that I used to Know.

Delta Heavy use stop-motion ‘pixellation’ techniques to destroy favourite toys for their video to Get By:

students’ favourite music videos >>

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

stopmotion grafitti animation

Kinetic typography examples for JoCo’s Shop-Vac and Memphis May Fire’s (rather loud) Prove Me Right

Stykz is a free stick-figure animation program for Macs and Windows pcs

Character development tips.

Download free fully-working 30 Day trial versions from Adobe (click the ‘try’ link) 

Alternative free open source software for Windows, Mac and Linux: GIMP alternative to Adobe Photoshop

5 alternatives to Photoshop (see comments for more, including Aviary from

Online video training is available from AdobeLynda.comVTC and Total Training