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About Us


Jed Gibbs has a MA in interactive production from Solent University, and has been teaching media, animation and graphic design since 1997. Jed currently aspires to sleep through the night without being woken by small – and cold – feet pattering towards him. He has 5 children whose ages span 2 – 22 years old and is passionate about pirates, Aardman and typography.
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Dawn Gibbs has a BTEC in Media (Moving Image) and has been co-running animation workshops part time since 2009.  Dawn has a passion for books, games and films, and believes that the ability to tell stories through prose, art and music is the primary differentiation between animals and humans.  Having married Jed, she shares 2 children by DNA and 3 by good fortune, whose ages span 2-22 years old.  Dawn is generally to be found working her way through 3 games, 2 books and lots and lots of black coffee.
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Jamie Gibbs has a BA (Hons) in Animation from Solent University and has been animating since he was 12, earning awards along the way.  Jamie is an AfoL (Adult fan of Lego) and is happiest when surrounded by cats, Lego and his younger siblings.