Young Game Designer

BAFTA YGD is a national initiative now entering its 11th year.  The competition is open to 10-18 year olds and there are two age categories in both Game Concept and Game Making.  There is also a Mentor category.

The strength of the competition is the support from the games industry and, where possible, ongoing support for finalists and winners.  Normally there would be an annual ceremony in London to showcase the finalists work providing the opportunity to network with the industry.  This became a digital ceremony in 2020 and the situation is the same for 2021.  In 2022 there is an open weekend planned at 195 Piccadilly to celebrate YGD finalists and also host a series of games masterclasses and events. 

You may also be interested in Into Games who offer careers advice for the games industry.  Into Games offer all our YGD finalists digital mentorship and we partner with them on a few other schemes.  Worth checking out their website. 

Finally, you might want to join BAFTA’s general mailing list as we also run various events and panels which might be of interest to your students.  All our online events are free to register.  The Games Awards nominations are announced today so there will be quite a focus on games over the month of March. 

Hope we might see a few students entering the YGD competition.  The official deadline is 15 March but, heads up, we’ll be announcing an extension until 24 March next week.